Combining DevOps and Agile Transformations to Achieve Business Outcomes

You Keep Using Those Words…

When you hear “Business Outcomes,” “DevOps,” and/or Agile transformation” — what comes to mind?

Business Outcomes

It’s more than outputs.


It’s more than continuous delivery.


It’s more than “Scrum.”

Agile Transformation

It’s more than “Training, Titles, Ceremonies, and Tools.”

What’s the Pay Off?

Agile transformations and DevOps initiatives are complementary. Can you have one without the other? Sure. However, if you put the two together you have the opportunity to align the tech side of the house with the business side. This combination will enable your enterprise to gain faster feedback, reduce risks while also obtaining meaningful business outcomes.

What to Expect…

It will be challenging as there are many potential impediments that could derail the transformation without the right support.

Transformation Leadership — Where to Lean In

In their book Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps: Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations, Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble, and Gene Kim discuss the role of leadership and call it out as one of the more overlooked topics in transformation.

Sense of Urgency

  • Identifying and communicating the compelling reason(s) why the organization should change
  • Ensuring alignment around the compelling purpose has been achieved at all levels

Roll Out Strategy

  • Defining an initial transformation roadmap, one that takes into account organization structure demands, top risks, and incremental rollouts
  • Aligning teams to value

Enabling Action

  • Facilitating change to support the overall transformation
  • Resolving organizational obstacles and impediments with urgency
  • Continuing to communicate the change vision (rinse and repeat)

Cultural Shifts

All transformations require shifts in culture and mindset. How big? The standard answer: “It depends!” Some situational variables are current organizational levels of

  • Slack/Learning Time (vs emphasis on 100% “resource” utilization)
  • Automation — Testing and Integration (vs over the wall or manual)
  • Tolerance for Experimentation and Failure (vs perfection and/or blame seeking)
  • Ability to Measure with Actionable Metrics (vs vanity metrics or zero data gathering)



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